Quickmike Micrometer

This quick-action type micrometer, with a non-rotating spindle, delivers much faster adjustment types than standard models. The ABSOLUTE Digimatic Micrometer QuickMike offers the following benefits: With 10mm feed per revolution (with 0.5mm spindle pitch), it delivers twenty times as fast as standard devices. IP54 protection allows a wider range of operating environments (this only applies when a data cable is not fitted). ABSOLUTE linear scale means no restriction on adjustment speed. It also has a larger measuring range - 30mm compared with 25mm - than standard micrometer.
Quickmike Micrometer
0-30mm/0-1.2inch QuickMike .00005inch/.001 Output & WR

0-30mm/0-1.2" QuickMike .00005"/.001 Output & WR

£253.47 (exc VAT) Includes your 15% Disc
25-55mm/1-2.2inchQuickMike with Output

25-55mm/1-2.2"QuickMike with Output

£358.79 (exc VAT) Includes your 15% Disc
50-80mm/2-3.2inch QuickMike with Output

50-80mm/2-3.2" QuickMike with Output

£385.56 (exc VAT) Includes your 15% Disc
75-105mm/3-4.2inchQuickMike with Output

75-105mm/3-4.2"QuickMike with Output

£412.34 (exc VAT) Includes your 15% Disc