Calculating Indicator ID-C

This indicator allows you to use a calculation function for the measured value
Ax+B+Cx-1. The integrated calculation formula is useful in a variety of applications (e.g. roll diameter measurement), Coefficients A,B and C are freely definable. X = displacement of the plunger, Analogue bar graph in the display (14 different scales switchable), GO/±NG tolerance judgement function, MAX/MIN/RANGE function to measure peak values, A fast measurement frequency mode(detection cycle 20ms or 50times/s) is selectable to measure in the peak detection mode (MAX/MIN/RANGE) more reliably, Easy indicator setup via a setup menu, A USB interface box can be used to set up the indicator from PC via dedicated software
Calculating Indicator ID-C
Digital Indicator Calculation Inch/Metric, 0,5inch, 0,00005inch, F

Digital Indicator Calculation Inch/Metric, 0,5", 0,00005", F

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